Geek Girl Learns

from Ray Bradbury's Zen and the Art of Writing, and Gail Carson Levine's Writer to Writer Itsy says, "Mine! All mine!" So I thought I'd finish off this year with some nice easy writing books from two of my favorite authors. Not to say that these are books that don't provoke thought, but they are … Continue reading Geek Girl Learns

Geek Girl Learns

From James Scott Bell's Plot and Structure Appropriate for Nano month, right? Have I mentioned before that I love James Scott Bell? Because I love James Scott Bell. (And I've really only read two of his books.) In the spirit of the crazy writing times that is Nanowrimo, I will be reviewing Plot and Structure … Continue reading Geek Girl Learns

Geek Girl Learns

from Amber Royer's Story Like a Journalist Part 3 The FINAL part! Itsy's now sorting through All the Worksheets Ok, so if you look at the chaos going on up there, you may think that this book has not helped at all. You'd be wrong. I have completed all the worksheets in the book, and … Continue reading Geek Girl Learns

Geek Girl Learns…

...From Story Like a Journalist by Amber Royer: Part 2 Itsy's working hard! So! It's time for a mid-month check in. How's my story planning going, you ask? Do I have a brilliant plan for a full novel, just ready to hop off my fingers and onto that Nano wordcount graph? Well, the answer is … Continue reading Geek Girl Learns…

Third Thursday Short

A catch up post from June Another Saturday Third Thursday Short! This is another one of my experiments from last year's Nanowrimo Short Story challenge. The prompt was a fanfic meet cute AU idea, where character A's cat is constantly escaping the apartment and running to character B. Of course, character A has a crush … Continue reading Third Thursday Short