Third Thursday Short

A catch up post from March Watch out! This week's Third Thursday short is based on the prompt "Why does the royal family have no personal guard?" I cheated a little and had the prince have a castle guard, but I hope you like it! Trigger warning: discussion of suicide. Take care of yourselves! Assassinating … Continue reading Third Thursday Short

Third Thursday Shorts

Good afternoon lovely readers! This week I am trying something a little different. It's still one of the prompts that I tried at Nano, but it has a somewhat darker tone (though not as dark as the prompt where I wrote from the point of view of the cereal killer!). It's also written in the … Continue reading Third Thursday Shorts

Third Tuesday Shorts

Award Winning, Even! So, this is going to set the bar high for any Third Tuesday Short that follows after, but I thought I'd at least start out strong. Nanowrimo Writing Buddy! (Sorry, he doesn't have a name yet...) This past Nanowrimo, I decided to write short stories rather than add yet another 50,000 words … Continue reading Third Tuesday Shorts