Third Thursday Shorts

This one's a little different. I went to a mystery genre class a while back, and the teacher had us do an exercise where we looked up a headline and started a mystery story from it. So, because it's Nano, I thought I'd show you a bit of my rough work. Headline: "Mother Steals Stroller, … Continue reading Third Thursday Shorts

Third Thursday Short

Actually on the Thursday this week! (Cause this is the post for October! Shocking!) This week's short is a brief start of something. I might expand it, I might not. Right now I don't really have anymore ideas for it. My attempt at humor with the prompt: You die, and at the pearly gates you're … Continue reading Third Thursday Short

Third Thursday Short

A catch up post from July She's pissed... Today's prompt was: Mermaids in college. Campus Mermaid Barring rain, sprinklers, and stupid jocks, I'm one mad dash away from top of my class. No rain. The campus ran the sprinklers yesterday. That leaves the jocks. And I love to run. I sprint across the final courtyard, … Continue reading Third Thursday Short

Third Tuesday Shorts

Award Winning, Even! So, this is going to set the bar high for any Third Tuesday Short that follows after, but I thought I'd at least start out strong. Nanowrimo Writing Buddy! (Sorry, he doesn't have a name yet...) This past Nanowrimo, I decided to write short stories rather than add yet another 50,000 words … Continue reading Third Tuesday Shorts