Geek Girl Tutorials

The last catch up post! How to Survive (and Win) National Novel Writing Month So last week I told you about prep you can do before November starts. But, we're really here about November, right? As close to November 1st as possible, turn off your inner editor. This is a first draft (unless you are … Continue reading Geek Girl Tutorials

Geek Girl Tutorials

How to prep for NaNoWriMo I love National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo, or Nano). It's how I first got into writing, and it's how I've sustained my writing through some very tough times in my life. But I will readily admit that there are a lot of "insider" tricks to help you survive and win … Continue reading Geek Girl Tutorials

Geek Girl Learns

from Amber Royer's Story Like a Journalist Part One Itsy the Dragon likes to plan novels! This is going to be a bit different. I just recently got this book, just in time for pre-Nanowrimo planning. So I'm going to be using October to go through the book to plan my novel for November! So … Continue reading Geek Girl Learns

Third Thursday Short

A catch up post from March Watch out! This week's Third Thursday short is based on the prompt "Why does the royal family have no personal guard?" I cheated a little and had the prince have a castle guard, but I hope you like it! Trigger warning: discussion of suicide. Take care of yourselves! Assassinating … Continue reading Third Thursday Short

Third Thursday Shorts

Good afternoon lovely readers! This week I am trying something a little different. It's still one of the prompts that I tried at Nano, but it has a somewhat darker tone (though not as dark as the prompt where I wrote from the point of view of the cereal killer!). It's also written in the … Continue reading Third Thursday Shorts